By registering, you are opening yourself up to nationwide buyers who require PPE and we are growing internationally by the day. After every transaction, you can review the buyer and have their contact details and order confirmation upfront so you’re ready to fulfil their request. Every sale should take between 24-72 hours to partake due to the reverse auction, but with no fees from PPE4People there’s no point in missing out. After the sale, the buyers will also be able to review you which means our most successful and active suppliers will get more custom.

This is the link to register as a supplier on our site. You will first be asked to create an account which is your login for the site for the future, and also where you can make all your bids.

There are three types of accounts on our site, but the two which you might be interested in are: supplier only, or supplier/buyer combination account. Supplier only accounts are for when you have the equipment to supply and don’t need any yourself. Supplier/buyer combination accounts are for individuals or companies which have both equipment to supply but also may need PPE themselves. If you are not sure which one you will need in the future, we would recommend using a combination account.

Before you can bid on requests it is important to supply information such as: CE Certificates and Product Insurance Certificates. This is to ensure that the quality of the product being supplied to our buyers are top quality. You only have to supply these once.

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