What is PPE4People?

PPE4People was set up in response to the pandemic COVID19 as a voluntary, free service connecting buyers to suppliers. We want to change the way the world buys and sells PPE. It is vital, lifesaving equipment which is often not being distributed fairly and safely.

Why should you use our site as a supplier?

Our site allows for all the buyers to be collated in one area and with RFQ’s being posted daily, you will have a huge demand to supply for. It also allows you to input prices based off of quantity allowing you to change your prices that you quote between different RFQ’s. We are currently implementing autobidding which allows you to set the lowest price you could do. This means if you get outbid it automatically will bid you lower so you are back to lowest.

Why should you use our site as a buyer?

At PPE4People the suppliers work to get you instead of the other way round! Once you sign up for the website with the equipment you need and the quantities, the suppliers will have 24-72 hours to respond to your quote with the most competitive prices they can. This allows for a marketplace where all prices are fair and as low as possible. This is especially important in the current climate where mask prices rocketed up to 85% markup within a few weeks at the start of the pandemic!

All the suppliers we currently have in the database are UK based meaning orders will be much quicker shipped than international suppliers. It also means that we can guarantee they are UK legislation certified. When buying medical equipment, it is extremely important to have trust in the shipment. We have tried to help this by personally checking the CE certificates and product liability insurance of every single supplier on our system. This is especially important to us even now when the government has allowed suppliers to not supply CE certificates due to the current pandemic. It allows you as a buyer to have trust in our system, and know that the products you are receiving will protect you.

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